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 Introducing Zebulon Thomas: A Visionary Strategist

Zebulon Thomas is not just a name; he is a distinguished Strategist, Commercial Videographer, World-Renowned Glidecam Master Operator, and Podcast Host. With a career spanning over 17 years, he has honed his craft, dedicating himself to refining the art of creative marketing and emphasizing precision and innovation.

As a creative strategist for various brands, Zebulon brings a unique blend of expertise and vision to every project he undertakes. Whether crafting compelling marketing campaigns or capturing breathtaking visuals, he approaches each endeavor with a relentless pursuit of excellence.


Greetings, I'm Zebulon, a seasoned professional dedicated to guiding entrepreneurs and businesses towards groundbreaking ideas through strategic and innovative marketing.

My commitment to excellence has not only propelled my business but has also left an indelible mark on the brands I collaborate with. I've had the privilege of working with top-level CEOs, entrepreneurs, and renowned companies such as Adobe, Canon, Glidecam, GoScope, Røde Microphones, Dave & Busters, MTN Dew, and more. My impressive portfolio includes collaborations with athletes, celebrities, and Fortune 500 companies, including Imagine Dragons, Machine Gun Kelly, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Kern Lima, Tony Robbins, Serena Williams, and many others.

In recent years, I've strategically shifted my focus towards empowering small businesses to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of the new economy. This strategic pivot, especially in the aftermath of the global pandemic, has proven successful. Leveraging my expertise in video marketing, I've not only sustained small businesses but have also played a pivotal role in enabling them to flourish.

If your business is seeking transformative growth in these dynamic times (and let's acknowledge, who isn't?), I invite you to take the next step toward success.



Embark on a cinematic journey with #ZTFILMS, where my creative skills converge to elevate brands globally. From athletes and celebrities to Fortune 500 companies, witness the impact of compelling storytelling. Explore our Professional Film Production Package and let's create something extraordinary together.​


I'm the host of The Podcast In The Rough. 

I'm so excited to tell you about how my podcast has changed my life.

It all started when I was looking for ways to build my brand and make more money. I was working full-time in my business and it was really hard to find time to do anything else. So, I decided to start a podcast. 

The first season of my podcast was all about creative ideas, special guests and helping people gain new insight, knowledge on building a brand. Then I started helping others become extremely successful with their podcast and I found that I truly enjoy every part of podcasting. 

I decided to shift everything towards teaching others why they should start a podcast, how to launch it successfully and how to monetize it.

This season has already been packed with some exciting episodes. Be sure to tune in and subscribe so that you don't miss out on all the adventures we are going on. There's also a dedicated facebook group where I share all my podcast success secrets. You will have to tune into one of my episodes to gain access to the link. I hope to see you in the group! Let's get your podcast up and running!



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